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About Harold Hodge Jr

Harold Hodge Jr is a New York-based Director and Playwright of politically charged theater. As an African American that was raised in Japan, in a bi-racial/military family, he uses his unique multicultural lens to explore the stories of marginalized voices with a particular interest in the stories of people of color.  He does this by focusing on how oppression can affect the most innate human desires and relationships. Harold brings his passion for activism into his work, often with the goal that his productions will contribute to today's conversation and movement on topical issues. 

As a writer, Harold's body of work ranges from musical comedies, living room dramas, magic realism plays, and period dramas.  Harold is a founding member and Artistic Director of The Rose Grew Here, a production company focused on producing original works of minorities (people of color, women, and LGBT). 

The Boy in the Church
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