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Tyshaun Freeman, a senior in high school, struggles to navigate coming out, popularity, intersectionality, and a local tragedy.

A series of short have been created to garner attention for the film, which have earned over 30 Millions Streams across social media platforms. 


Writer/ Director 

After the death of their mother causes three siblings to reunite for the first time in eight years, they are stunned when their mother comes back from the dead with a horrific message. She informs her children that in return for success and wealth, their father has promised all of their souls to Satan. It's going to take a lot more than therapy to break this family's generational curses. 


KIDPLACE: Series (2024)

Writer/ Director 

Shutdown by the Covid-19 Pandemic, a children's facility loses almost all of it's staff. Upon reopening, Claire and Nikki find that they are the only staff members returning and they are thrust from the lowest positions to the managers. Now, Nikki and Claire must run the entire business on their own and they have no clue where to start. 

$ugar: series 



After discovering that most of her peers are getting through college with the help of "Sugar Daddies," Marisol creates an app that can link the "young and hot" to the "powerful and wealthy." The app takes off as a huge success, but Marisol soon find herself swept into a world of wealth, politics, deceit, and crime. 

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